Purple stunning

They don’t lie when they say a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s easy to just look at a picture, admire it and move onto the next one. But the fun lies in reliving the moment when the image was captured. The How? When? Why? What? Where?

It’s a normal week morning, I’m walking out (ankle brace and walking stick aided…don’t remind me) and right there, perched on the electric line is the Purple Starling. Gorgeous bird! I virtually run back in to grab my camera and there…

The Purple Starling (Lamprotornis purpureus)
The Purple Starling (Lamprotornis purpureus)

I lied. It wasn’t a normal morning. It was the morning I met this stunning purple bird.

She's flaunting it
She’s flaunting it

Did I hit a thousand words? Well there’s more…it makes exactly a thousand words 🙂


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