Bio: Amateur nature photographer, Entrepreneur, Conservationist, Avid Arsenal Fan. “Amateur”. That’s the word that I insist on using as a preface every time I muster up the courage to show my photos to others (and this is supposed to be a photography blog. Yeah lol!). I’m not generally lacking in courage. No, on the contrary. However, nature photography is the thing I always wanted to do and never quite got around to doing it because I was thinking too much about the “doing”. I wanted the best equipments… and I wanted perfect jaw-dropping photos from “GO!” So I did my couple of years in wildlife (mostly birding), and then moved onto the next one- entrepreneurship… Until the 18th of May, 2013… …a near-fatal accident and 7 months of inactivity later, I’m here, taking “amateur” photos and having fun. Very often, it has been my “Hypnic jerk”. “Amateur”. That’s the hat I insist you don as you travel my photography journey with me.

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