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A Sunset Shot in Stuttgart
Breathtaking Sunset


Again, speechless!


Silhouette Sunset

Silhouette of Twigs of a bush lighted by a sunset background
Silhouette of plant twigs against a stunning sunset

It just might be an effort in vain trying to add words to describe the image above. In fact, words fail me on this. Thankfully, no words are needed. Maybe, just “silhouette sunset“.

Asian Willow

Pink and white leaves typical of the Salix integra
Pink and white leaves typical of the Salix integra

“Hakuro Nishiki”. Sounds like a character from a Manga (Japanese comic) 🙂

An ornamental plant, the dappled willow (“Hakuro Nishiki” in Japanese)is a species of willow native to northeastern China, Japan, Korea and Primorsky Krai in the far southeast of Russia. It is widely grown for its variegated foliage, with the leaves strongly mottled with patches and blotches of white and pale pink, as seen in the photo.