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Coat of Many Colours

Scarlet Chested Sunbird
The Scarlet-chested Sunbird

The aptly named Scarlet-Chested Sunbird, Chalcomitra senegalensis, is a strikingly colored Sunbird belonging to the bird family Nectariniidae. They feed mainly on arthropods and nectar, and can often be seen hovering around flowering plants or hawking prey aerially or plucking insects from the ground.

Scarlet-chested Sunbird sucking nectar from an aloe plant
The Scarlet-chested Sunbird feeding from the flower of an Aloe plant

The fellow in the shot is a regular of an Aloe Vera plant in my house. On one of such visits, my camera was ready


The bright colors on this bird adds to the beauty of nature and the validity of it’s intelligent design.



A Bumblebee in the full bloom head of a Common Dandelion
A Bumblebee covered in pollen in the full bloom head of the Common Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale)

Dandelions flower at a time of the year when few other sources of nectar and pollen are available in many gardens, providing native pollinators with a ready source of early pollen for colony-building. With full-bloomed flower heads already in early spring, they are available to pollinators including the bumblebee just as they emerge from their winter nests… And these pollinators, well they don’t take the provision for granted 🙂

Butterfly Effect

I’ve been trying for a longtime now to capture a butterfly photo. Now there’s a particular butterfly I spot at home that never lands on anything. At least not when I’m around. It just keeps hovering around until it flies away completely. Maybe it’s not as much a trait of it’s species as it is just that individual butterfly trying to make it hard for me. And here I am trying to get my first butterfly photo. Well, I finally got an image from it, along with a story to tell. So I made sure the photo’s a striking one. Who knows when next I’m graced with another 🙂


P.S. Photo Posted after days of persuasion from my younger sister Araba. She also had to work hard to get me to post it. Lol. It’s the Butterfly Effect.

Name inspired by the occurrences, but influenced by a friend simply known by friends and fans as Butterflae Effect.


The Blue-throated Brown Sunbird (Nectarinia cyanolaema)
The Blue-throated Brown Sunbird (Nectarinia cyanolaema)

Sunbirds are common sight around the flowering plants in my house, nectaring flowering plants. On many such occasions, I manage to freeze the moment like I tried to do with this Blue-throated Brown Sunbird. Like the generic name suggests and the bill expresses, they’re in the nectar line of business. They may diversify occasionally, but nectar is the main course on the menu.

The Blue-throated Brown Sunbird
The Blue-throated Brown Sunbird