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A Sunset Shot in Stuttgart
Breathtaking Sunset


Again, speechless!


Silhouette Sunset

Silhouette of Twigs of a bush lighted by a sunset background
Silhouette of plant twigs against a stunning sunset

It just might be an effort in vain trying to add words to describe the image above. In fact, words fail me on this. Thankfully, no words are needed. Maybe, just “silhouette sunset“.

Mixed Signals

Interesting occurrence today. I noticed the skies giving mixed signals towards afternoon. On one side, which I labelled west using my “the sun rises in the east and sets in the west” knowledge, the sky was it’s typical blue with white clouds.

Cloudy blue skies on the west side
Cloudy blue skies on the west side

On the other side, labelled east using you know what knowledge, the sky was fiery with dark clouds.

Dark clouds on the east side
Dark clouds on the east side

Maybe I’m not supposed to be surprised at this, but I’ve never paid attention till today. And oh, I’ve never really been able to accurately repeat what my primary school teacher said about where the sun rises and sets. Did I pass this time?

Purple stunning

They don’t lie when they say a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s easy to just look at a picture, admire it and move onto the next one. But the fun lies in reliving the moment when the image was captured. The How? When? Why? What? Where?

It’s a normal week morning, I’m walking out (ankle brace and walking stick aided…don’t remind me) and right there, perched on the electric line is the Purple Starling. Gorgeous bird! I virtually run back in to grab my camera and there…

The Purple Starling (Lamprotornis purpureus)
The Purple Starling (Lamprotornis purpureus)

I lied. It wasn’t a normal morning. It was the morning I met this stunning purple bird.

She's flaunting it
She’s flaunting it

Did I hit a thousand words? Well there’s more…it makes exactly a thousand words 🙂